American researchers have now proven this in a study with 40 study participants.

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Musician (19%) Police officer (19%) Pilot (19%) Teacher (17%)


It is certainly important to be able to cry yourself with your partner and talk to them about problems at work and with raising children. Nevertheless, one should be careful not to dump too much emotional rubbish on the other and the negative topics of conversation become long-running. Make sure that there are always shared moments and experiences that focus only on positive things.

Lawyer (24%) Teacher (24%) Architect (23%)


Architect (32%) Doctor (31%) Journalist (28%)


Lawyer (28%) Manager (25%) Craftsman (24%)


Women believe in love at first sight, they love blonde men, dream of a wedding and want to have a baby as soon as possible. Right? A study by the dating agency contains eleven amazing facts about women. This refutes some clichés – but also confirms some. Of the "Women compass" includes the results of single studies from 2007 to 2010 with a total of 10,000 respondents.

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This is what the ideal man looks like

"Blond man with green eyes is looking …" Probably only every fifth single woman will jump on this partnership advertisement. Blondes are no longer so popular. Almost every second woman imagines the dream man with brown hair and blue or brown eyes. Almost one in four likes black-haired people. And it should be big. Men with a stately body between 1.80 and 1.90 meters have the best chances. Most women (44 percent) want a partner with a sporty or at least slim figure (30 percent). But please not too thin, because an asparagus tarzan is even less popular than a Moppelchen.

Not too young and not too old

Couples with a large age difference always cause a stir – possibly because they tend to be the exception. The vast majority of women prefer a partner who is one to three years older or about the same age. Only 42 percent of women see themselves at the side of a man seven to ten years older, and only one in ten wants a man eleven to 15 years older. Less than two percent of women consider an age difference of more than 20 years. The trend towards younger men is also less pronounced: only one in four women would like a man four to seven years younger than one, and less than one in ten would like to be with someone ten years younger.

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What qualities women value

Loyal, humorous and intelligent – these are three qualities that women value most in a partner. It should also be family-oriented – but entrepreneurship and passion take precedence. Good looks come in twelfth place, wealth comes in fifteenth.

When to start cheating for women

Since women attach great importance to loyalty, more than one in two (55 percent) infidelity begins with kissing. Only a third of women think that the line to cheating is only crossed during sex. 37 percent of women would forgive a one-off slip if their partner confessed to it repentantly. 34 percent, on the other hand, would end the relationship.

Marriage is not the goal in life

Getting married is no longer fulfilling for women these days. Only about one in four strives for the bond for life. 42 percent of single women do not want to get married and 31 percent are undecided. Even with the keyword "infant" not every woman melts away immediately. One in three thinks it daunting when a man thinks out loud about family planning on the first date. In return, women fall back into traditional role models when the waiter comes up with the bill: According to the ElitePartner women’s compass, 47 percent of women expect the man to invite them on their first date. Younger women between the ages of 18 and 29 harbor this expectation most strongly.

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Men only talk about football, and women only talk about family and love – it’s not just an old cliché, it’s the truth. This was the result of a survey by the Allensbach Institute for Demoscopy, which was presented in Berlin. Then women and men live in completely different worlds in terms of topics of conversation and interests.

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The century of women

According to the study "Typically man, typically woman" men remain true to their usual interests, while women are willing to learn new things and continue their education. Men develop more and more disinterest and prefer to sit in front of the PC. "I believe this will be a century for women" therefore says Renate Köcher, managing director of the Institute for Demoskopie Allensbach.

Men prefer to talk about sports and cars

German stereotypes persist with astonishing tenacity. The men’s favorite topics of conversation are sports, cars and technology, followed by politics and business. Women, on the other hand, prefer to talk about family, health, upbringing, relationships and fashion. When "typically female" was called talking about feelings, relationship issues and frustration. When "typically male" Respondents, on the other hand, named conversational characteristics directness and sobriety.

Why are we still talking to each other?

It is astonishing that the topics of economy, finance and politics are still hardly considered by women, despite their increased professional and educational opportunities. In their free time they still prefer to occupy themselves with living and furnishing, books, psychology and fashion. For men, the topics of conversation coincide with their leisure interests: Here sports, computers, home improvement were mentioned – followed by politics and business. These topics and areas of interest could hardly be more different. So why do men and women talk to each other at all? Fortunately, according to the survey, there are still a few common topics of conversation: groups of friends, vacations, jobs, food and television.

Does reading the daily newspaper help?

Renate Köcher observes with concern the increasing disinterest in politics and day-to-day affairs among young men under 30: "A very one-dimensional interested generation is growing here. This is of enormous importance for political judgment". She therefore wants to work in the future to ensure that reading the daily newspaper becomes part of school lessons. "This is how you get involved in topics that are not of interest to you from the start" says the professor. This means that women and men also have more to talk about again.

Anyone who has once mourned a love knows how painful it can be: lovesickness really hurts. American researchers have now proven this in a study with 40 study participants. Injured feelings and more physical pain produce similar sensations because they are processed in the same brain regions.

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Lovesickness: Study with 40 participants

Scientists at Columbia University in New York and the University of Michigan examined subjects who had lovesickness in the six months prior to the tests and confirmed that the thought of it was uncomfortable. The participants were confronted with this negative emotional experience and they also asian women seeking american men took physical pain tests. During the experiments, the subject’s brain activity was recorded using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Image viewing and pain test

For the experiment, the participants looked at pictures of ex-partners and recalled the associated negative feelings. For the pain test, they endured heat stimuli on their arms. These were painful, but still bearable, the researchers said. For comparison, the test subjects later looked at a picture of a friend with whom they had positive experiences and were exposed to slight heat stimuli.

Lovesickness causes pain

The comparison of the fMRI recordings showed that the same areas of the brain were activated to a similar extent in the case of emotional and physical pain. This may also be the case with other forms of emotional pain, such as mourning the deceased, according to the researchers.

When the mood sinks to the freezing point, it is usually the partner who gets the bad mood off: You are wrong in tone and blame others for your supposed unhappiness. Such behavior can hurt the partner and endanger the relationship in the long term, so it is better to withdraw first and not take out the mood swings on others.

Jealousy shows: You are important to me and I don’t want to lose you. Excessive jealousy, on the other hand, is a sign of a lack of trust. Anyone who constantly suspects an affair or is jealous about little things should seriously think about the real causes of this feeling. Those who cannot explain the reasons for the nagging jealousy themselves and cannot build trust in their loved ones should seek professional advice.

A baby is the culmination of love and at the same time its greatest test. After the birth everything changes: there is less time for intensive conversations, hobbies and friends. Love life is also neglected, and young parents also have a chronic sleep deficit. Women in particular are usually faced with a life situation that has been turned inside out – they have to take a break from work and grow into their role as a mother. Young fathers sometimes feel like outsiders because the woman is fixated on the child. But something can be done to strengthen the partnership in this beautiful and exhausting phase: Parents are still lovers and should regularly hire a babysitter to enjoy a few hours as a couple. Certain duties should also be fairly distributed. And when mom gets some time for herself every now and then, that ensures the right balance in young family life – and certainly also for a comeback of physical attraction.

In modern partnerships, household tasks are not evenly distributed: emptying the garbage can, tidying up, cleaning and washing up, often get stuck with one partner. Often anger builds up, so you shouldn’t overstimulate the good-naturedness of your partner. Otherwise one day he might end the relationship.

Arousal is a very sensitive matter.